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Hello and welcome to my website! Those of you who are here to sign me, cast me, praise me, or just laugh at my videos, you're in the right place.  Any naysayers, hecklers, or negative Nancies may kindly hit your back button and be directed back to the webpage from whence you just came.

I love acting because I can make people smile, laugh, chuckle knowingly, roll their eyes at the absurdity, cock their head to the side in confusion, straighten it back up once they see where I'm going, squirm during an awkward moment, feel nostalgic during a romantic one, tear up when I get the guy, and maybe even cry.  Only a little crying.  Mostly laughter. 

Speaking of laughter, check out my YouTube channel, GingerKatProductions for a variety of sketches, spoofs, interviews, and fun!

I just booked a role as a regular cast member in the hilarious sketch show TMI Hollywood! I also am doing stand up comedy around town.

PS: Yes, the rumors are true, I am now SAG/AFTRA!