LA based writer, comedian, actress.

Mountain girl at heart. Fitness enthusiast. World traveler. Loud laugher. 

What's Keeping Kelly Busy...

She has now completed multiple rewrites on her first feature screenplay, Wingmom, in which a cynical comedian's life is disrupted when she reluctantly takes in her brokenhearted mother, but mom's knack for helping Millennials find love offline just might restore their once enviable bond. Kelly has been pitching the film and currently has some interest. She even won an entry to the prestigious Rocaberti Writer's Retreat with her logline, and was thrilled to participate in that in September 2020.

Kelly is enjoying writing scary stories for the Something Scary Podcast, a top 20 podcast on Spotify, and, which has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. She even got to write the featured St. Patrick's Day story, which was brought to life with brilliant animation!

You can find more of her project loglines over on her Stage 32 profile, where she is an active member of the Writer's Room.

Kelly also got Honorable Mention in Slackjaw's 2020 Humor Writing challenge, and as a result has a recurring piece published on Slackjaw, the humor division on Medium, called "David Attenborough Presents:" You can check that out here; A Drunken Thirty-Something Coming Home Alone (Again) and here; A Single Thirty-Something Female Attending A Baby Shower Hungover. Look out for the sketch coming out soon! This opportunity has also lead to Kelly being invited to have her own column on Slackjaw. Subject matter: DATING. You can check out For Love or Peanut Butter now! 

More projects are in the works currently, including two feature films, a one woman show, a sitcom pilot about growing up in her beloved Lake Tahoe, and a novel. Kelly completed the first draft of her travel/romance/comedy novel loosely based on her own adventures, and hopes to find a publisher for it as well as develop it into a screenplay.