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Kelly was born and raised in North Lake Tahoe, California.  She grew up in an active family, skiing since age 3 and later competing in mogul skiing alongside her older sister. Alas, Kelly was bit by the acting bug at a young age and was torn between dreams of winning Olympic medals or Oscar statuettes.  She remembers watching the outtakes at the end of sitcoms and thinking, "Wait, they mess up and everybody's laughing? I want to do that!"  She and the bug were formerly introduced in elementary school when Rideout Elementary presented their Christmas production of Scrooge.  Kelly was in the chorus and did a dazzling rendition of "Thank You Very Much" and the rest is history. 

Cameos in local and school theater continued up through high school, where Kelly participated in drama, as well as a couple of starring roles in high-budget local cable commercials where Craft services consisted of blue Laffy Taffy from the Tahoe City Pharmacy.  That's probably where you recognize her from.  Then it was off to college! After graduating in 4 years with a major in Communications and a minor in personal training, Kelly made the move to LA and got a job as a waitress, putting her degree to good use.  And here we are in present day. 

Kelly is a member of a production team and has tried her hand at lighting, sound, directing, and being the director of photography.  Next up: editing! She is thrilled to have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of the creative process and is currently developing multiple projects.  Most of what Kelly has written and is currently writing is comedy and sketch based, putting her training at the Groundlings to good use.  But her priority and first love is still acting, and she plans to tackle the comedy world like Betty White in a Snickers commercial.  Stay tuned...