LA based writer, comedian, actress.

Mountain girl at heart. Fitness enthusiast. World traveler. Loud laugher. 

What's Keeping Kelly Busy...

"Reminded me a bit of Helen Fielding (Bridget Jones) and Candace Bushnell (Sex And The City), but with a style and voice that is uniquely her own."              - Steffany Ritchie, Writers' Blokke

"Kelly writes a column for Slackjaw called For Love Or Peanut Butter about her misadventures in online dating as a Millennial. I've read them all, they're fantastic. It's been a joy to follow along as she's bumbled her way through Bumble and burned her way through Tinder." Aaron Nichols, The Well Lived Life 

Kelly is one of only three writers on Slackjaw Humor to be invited to have her own column! Subject matter: DATING. People seem to like it, notice the quotes above :) You can check out For Love or Peanut Butter now and every second and fourth Thursday of the month. She is also adapting the column into a short-form scripted podcast to hopefully premiere in early 2022.

After completing multiple rewrites on her first feature screenplay, Wingmom, Kelly has also adapted it into a half hour comedy series intended for streamers. Logline: After news that her dad cheated on her mom prompts a comedian to discover her own fiance's affair, Katie channels her angst into a vengeful dating blog to exact revenge on all the fuckboys of Los Angeles. But when her heartbroken mother shows up to crash with her, Mom's belief that love conquers all doesn't exactly align with Katie's new jaded M.O.

You can view both the feature and the pilot versions on Kelly's Coverfly profile, where you may notice the she recently placed as a Semi-Finalist in Stage 32's TV Comedy Screenwriting Contest. (She made the top 48!) The Wingmom pilot was also recently made an Official Selection for the Catalyst Story Institute Festival taking place in Duluth, MN this October! 

You can find more of her project loglines over on her Stage 32 profile, where she is an active member of the Writer's Room.

Kelly also got Honorable Mention in Slackjaw's 2020 Humor Writing challenge, and as a result has a recurring piece published on Slackjaw, the humor division on Medium, called "David Attenborough Presents:" You can check a couple of them out here; A Drunken Thirty-Something Coming Home Alone (Again) and here; A Single Thirty-Something Female Attending A Baby Shower Hungover. There's even a sketch version starring Kelly!  

Kelly is also writing scary stories for the Something Scary Podcast, a top 20 podcast on Spotify, and, which has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. She even got to write the featured St. Patrick's Day story, which was brought to life with brilliant animation.

And finally, Kelly is halfway through her latest feature script, Knocked Up Abroad, a travel rom-com that's Eat, Pray, Love meets Bridget Jones's Baby: Freshly dumped and heartbroken, thirty-something Shelly picks up and goes on an international trip to heal herself and meets four sexy suitors along the way. When she arrives back home and discovers that she is pregnant, Shelly must revisit her four Maybe-Daddies to find out which one is the father.